Canadian Visa Lottery Application 2018/2019 Form Is Now Online Apply Here

Canadian Visa Lottery 2018/2019 is a Free Canadian Visa Lottery Application Process – It’s a happy, good news for you, and the whole world that Canadian visa lottery now exit and visa registration portal is now open to everyone. On this note, if you occur to be interested in applying to immigrate to Canada through Canada visa lottery 2018/2019 for Continue Reading

2018 NYSC BATCH ‘A’ (Stream II) Orientation Course Notice

2018 NYSC BATCH - The NYSC Management needs to tell Prospective Corps Members that preparation for the conduct of the 2017 NYSC BATCH (Stream II) course of instruction is at advanced stage. Management appreciates your sense of nationalism as incontestable in your avidness to affix alternative compatriots in service.While we tend to enjoin you to Continue Reading

Apply For Turkish Visa in Nigeria – Turkey Visa Application In Nigeria

Turkey Visa Application In Nigeria – Today as terrorism is rocking economic activities in Turkey, it still remains one of the best country to go to work. Currently, Turkey has the 17th largest GDP in the world. Although they were touted as one of the quietest in the world with enough power to do as they wish. When you talk about the tour, you Continue Reading

How to Apply For UK Visa Lottery 2018 Application

How to Apply For UK Visa Lottery 2018 Application – This is an opportunity available to everyone who dreams about living and working in the United Kingdom. This opportunity comes once in a year, so what are you still waiting for. UK Visa Lottery is provided via This unique website has been around Functioning for the last 10 Continue Reading