List of Npower shortlisted Candidates 2017-2018 see full list here

List of Npower shortlisted Candidates 2017/2018 checklist right here – www.Npower.Gov.Ng Npower shortlisted Candidates 2017/2018 live in this web site as we go in advance to unveils all a hit candidates.

The 2017/2018 candidates are launched. We are extremely joyful to tell the general public of the Npower shortlisted Candidates 2017/2018 Prime Minister’s listing who’ve efficaciously taken component within the implementation of the 2017 12 months.

The Npower shortlisted Candidates 2017/2018 has been shortlisted tick list now! Federal Government promised to shortlist approximately 500,000 candidates for the scheme

Moreover at some stage in the 2016 recruitment workout, about 2 hundred,000 candidates have been shortlisted ultimate three hundred,000 to be shortlisted for the scheme, now Federal Government has fulfilled its guarantees by way of shortlisting about 300,000 candidates of which the Federal Government has devoted about N500 billion to the Social
Investment Program.

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The Npower shortlisted Candidates 2017 will be shortlisted based on the different
segments applied during the 2017 Recruitment exercise which has ended.

Check Npower Verification Process

Npower list of Shortlisted candidates include:

N-power Teach List of Shortlisted Candidates
N-power Agro List of Shortlisted Candidates
N-power Health List of Shortlisted Candidates
N-power Tax/VAIDS List of Shortlisted Candidates

The above Npower segment lists will round up the 2017-2018 300,000 Npower shortlisted candidates of which they will be deployed to the various communities across the federation to continue the assignment.

How to check List of Npower shortlisted Candidates 2017/2018

We are here to renew you in all of the N-power responsibilities of the year 2017 and provide help in all areas which are hard for N-energy 2017. Please Note: the second one batch listing of Npower shortlisted Candidates 2017/2018 might be by nation. About three hundred,000 Npower applicants can be shortlisted in numerous states of the

To test if you are a number of the Npower shortlisted Candidates 2017 -2018 is very smooth
and easy.

Follow the steps under to test in case you are among the N-electricity decided on

Step 1

The 2017-2018 List of Npower shortlisted Candidates 2017/2018 published is for Npower 2d Batch
Check 2017-2018 N-strength lists through www.Npower.Gov.Ng/ Click at the Selection list.

Immediately the shortlisted names will open via the Npower portal. Enter your kingdom of foundation, search your call if are some of the N-energy selected candidates If you’re a hit congratulation if you are not the various shortlisted applicants wait until N-electricity third listing.

Step 2

For quick search, follow the steps beneath to test in case you are amongst Enter your phone range Search to your name rapid in listing of Npower Shortlisted candidates 2017 N-strength Physical Verification 2017-2018 for Npower Selected Candidates

Those candidates shortlisted will undergo verification for final deployment; N-electricity focal individual might be the one to affirm your documents or credentials at the Local Government Area of mission.

You will undergo verification based totally on:
Make certain the Cleanup & All Experts of Education
Birth Birth Birth / Old Testament Information
NYSC Discharge Certificate

• Confirm the function


  1. Please Note that the Npower shortlisted Candidates 2017 will be shortlisted based on different segments each candidates applied during the 2017 Recruitment exercise which has ended Read more updates on how the Npower List will be shortlisted here

  2. Adeyemi Sanjo says:

    When the list we be out

  3. jamila musa adam says:

    I try to do the test if add my name and my BVN the net says your BVN is invalid idont know what’s happed

  4. How can I check the shortlisted name’s please, to know if my own is among.

  5. am finding it difficult to assess the shortlisted names for 2017/2018

  6. ORNGU JAMES says:


  7. Abdullahi Usman Maiyaki says:

    Alhamdullilahi the waiting day has come. In sh Allaahu rabi your name and mind will be inside the list. continuously be pray Allaah is in control.

  8. galadima musa atukum says:

    can i access the shortlisted list today?

  9. Peter andrew says:

    Remain 34 hours to see the list we want to see our faith

  10. When exactly the list will be out?

  11. Akputa Lawrence Friday says:

    please, i want to check , if my name is there.

  12. Abdullahi Hamza Shibdawa says:

    when the list will be out

  13. Odion Simon says:

    If the names are out, how do I access it in order to check for my name or the full list of shortlisted candidates?

  14. Abba Muhammad says:

    we are waiting for good result, insha Allah.


  16. If list is out,can I check with my phone No, here? or I must go cafe?

  17. May god help us. I’m waiting for the names to check when it is out.

  18. Jimoh Aminat says:

    Pls,I want my name to be shortlisted

  19. Hw can i access dis npower portal

  20. opeyemi bello says:

    I aven’t seen anything d name out now.pls tell me Hw to go abt it

  21. Rabiat hakeem says:

    I want to check the result may be my own too is among pls

  22. jamilu garba abdullahi says:

    We are stil waiting for the shotlist for torrow, we were hoping we will bw among.

  23. by tomorrow 20 November 2017 At 9:30am

  24. we are still waiting for the shortlisted from tomorrow,we are hoping to be among them.

  25. Muhammed abdulfatai says:

    by the special Grace of God we are going to be among the shortlist

  26. SHEHU M. USMAN says:


  27. Faisal Ibrahim says:

    when is the Npower list will be out

  28. I am very grateful of your much effort in giving us information, but I need to know when is exactly time of releasing the list?


  30. I am very grateful of your much effort in giving us information, but I want know when is the exactly time of releasing the list?

  31. I am very grateful of your much effort in
    giving us information, but I want know when is
    the exactly time of releasing the list?


  33. Allah yasa mudace


  35. What are the procure we need to follow while check our name in npower portal?

  36. I’m apply 2016
    list will be out

  37. Sylvia Okere chinonoye want to see the list

  38. Is my name among the shortlisted candidates

  39. ikeoha daniel okwudili says:

    pls how do I access my name in the portal?
    Again will this affect the serving core members

  40. I need any current news about n-power everyday

  41. any latest news in n-power

  42. People say that today the shortlist of 2017/2018. Npower are listed.

  43. People say
    that today the shortlist of 2017/2018. Npower are listed.

  44. People say that today the shortlist of 2017/2018. Npower are listed.

  45. Simon M Kusa says:

    I pray That My Name Wil Be Among The Listed One In Jesus Name!!!

  46. Safiyanu haruna says:

    May GOD help us

  47. Morning to everyone, Iam wishing you to be a successful applicant and all the best.

  48. How can I check Npower 2017 /2018 shortlisted

  49. OVYE A. AYUMA says:

    Pls Be Specific When Appliant Should Espect It The List

  50. Allah (S.W.A) help us ameen d time shurtlis star out is 11:30am by d grece of Allah

  51. Wath is the code of Npower?

  52. sir my bvn is corect but iam not see any message to write my test pls sir helf me

  53. when did n power shortlist will release

  54. May Allah Give out government to achieve the goal success

  55. May Allah Give our government to achieve the goal success

  56. May Allah help you all to Get d NPOWER

  57. thank muhammadu buhari our best president in nigeria i wish to be our president in 2019 insha allah

  58. nwanyanwu vivian O says:

    how can we check the shortlisted names , the only thing I can see on npower web is steps to check list but nothing to show yet


  60. Being today is 20th and time now is almost 2pm plus, thus the list is out?

  61. Clement wazo says:

    the question i wanted to ask many comment have already asked.

  62. Mukhtar abubakar says:

    My All Migthy grand every one with oppotuinity.

  63. Alhamdulillah finally it’s today may Allah make it easy for us ameen


  65. Akinnusi.temitope says:

    Someone said ntax candidates will not be shortlisted. Please how true is this information. Thanks

  66. Sarah Azashi says:

    Hope that npower will release the names

  67. what of n-pawer shotlist candidet?? 2017 to 2018

  68. UMAR SHEHU says:

    I pray for us to be among the lucky ones if it comes out


  70. Remain 27 minute the list to be out



  72. how did I check my name it’s time up.

  73. when we the list be out

  74. when would they upload it

  75. the list is not yet release

  76. salami.taiwo says:

    pls.we are

  77. salami.taiwo says:

    we are not it

  78. Umar Faruk says:

    What Is That O T P Pls

  79. why keeping people on suspense? common to bring out results that have been written for the past two months now, what is happening to nigerian government? nonsense

  80. USMAN ISMA'IL says:

    Am checkin since 11:30pm yesterday till now, but, idid’nt see anything. pls! when the list will be exactly out?

  81. may be they will decieve us.hmm it is nigeria

  82. reshak ishaya says:

    I pray my name is among the shortlisted candidatesr

  83. justice the right nd justice not delay

  84. faruku umar says:

    oh! my Allah, the network is not good, may Allah list us among successful

  85. hussaini haruna says:

    anything on ground to cool mind a new job insha allahu we have been achieved a goal to be careful to learn live on land.thanks u people

  86. Hauwa Ismail says:

    I wrote the test but my name was not preselected, my greatest surprise the people that didn’t even write test were preselected . some people were not even in the teaching lines and were preselected under Npower teach, what is happening?

  87. Some people received messages from n power congratulating them but most people have not receive the message what happen.

  88. we find it so difficult and hard to access the portal for now, so we could not know now if we have been shortlisted.

  89. jimoh bin uthman says:

    Pls what about the first set that applied for npower buildings and others

  90. Why can’t you tell us that you don’t want diploma holders under n teach,we just suffer our self,you better to tell us you just want only n.c.e and degree under n teach.

  91. May Almighty Allah Bless us.

  92. rakiya alhassa yusuf says:

    hello today you sent me the congratulation to selected n power

  93. Muhammad Nasir says:

    I received massage frm N POWER today around 9:00-10:00am that I was pre-selected for N-power program. but I can’t be able to check the list. Why pls

  94. When will the list out , my friend called me that it is out but nothing

  95. God knows all is for good. Be positive, anytime. What’s gonna be will be

  96. says:

    i check my name is not out pls what can i do again?

  97. will the list ever be accessible again?

  98. Iju ngu digal ra marghi.(meaning God is great)

  99. Abbas sani says:

    pls you should post the pages of short list so that we may downloading it simply.

  100. Abdullahi abdullahi adamu says:

    We appreciate the effort for updating us with all the information we need, may God bless Nigeria. A message was sent to me since before the commence of this 2017 registration that I was selected from the 2016 list of applications, although the npower has been communicating with me through the sms channel. Now that the list is out I try to check using the same number that the message was sent but always a negative respond even the link that was sent to me to update my information is not processing. Pls what should I suppose to do I need to know my status. Thanks

  101. is my name out?

  102. Sarah Azashi says:

    pls can i use my small phone to check?

  103. Sarah Azashi says:

    Pls, is the link open now? my phone is saying, this page can not be open , what must i do

  104. Ikoroha Chibuzo chinazo says:

    I am N-power Tax applicant and wrote my assessment test also choose a device but i did not receive any text/massage.
    Will i be shortlisted?


    I am N-power Agro applicant and wrote my assessment test also choose a device but i did not receive any text/massage.
    Will i be shortlisted? and why havn’t i be shortlisted

  106. Ikoroha Chibuzo chinazo says:

    I am N-power TAX applicant and wrote my assessment test also choose a device but i did not receive any text/massage.
    Will i be shortlisted? and why havn’t i be shortlisted


    if u did not see your name on npower first batch do we still have hope on second batch or do we have second batch

  108. I thank god I recieved message from npower

  109. Awuru Joseph ejira says:

    hi pls I applied with a valid and correct BVN yet my name is not out. Pls what will I do?

  110. Bashir said says:

    😜🙌🙏 hi am among d 200000 selected I wish all of you d best my upcoming npwr friends…

  111. nwakarame okwuchukwu kingsley says:

    please when will be the date and time for the next registration?

  112. apply for 2017 N-POWER application and i have been shortlisted thanks God. may God bless this government

  113. amidu catherine says:

    I login with my bvn is not accepted why

  114. I have checked through website is not available


  116. is there second batch?

  117. As 4 me i received a message, what next sir ?

  118. my name is not in the list for the two times I apply. what is my faith now?or am I not a Nigerian?

  119. I am npower teach applicants. I wrote my test but av not gotten text pls would I be shortlisted? I need help

  120. mustapha sade says:

    good morning yesterday I see the message in my phone.congratulation s you are now pre selected N-power program.Also I seach my name with BVN but idid not see my name why

  121. mustapha sade says:

    Also where are you going to conduct the veryfication

  122. nwanyanwu vivian says:

    pls will they still release more names for 2017 successful applicants

  123. umar idriss says:

    wait for the next bach

  124. 0bi arinze victor says:

    i applied with my correct BVN and also i write the test correctly and uptill now my name is not yet out, i did the same registration 4 my wife and my sister, yet non of our name is out.

  125. mustapha sade says:

    where are you going to conduct the verification?

  126. mustapha sade says:

    where are you conduct the verification?

  127. onuoha amaka hope says:

    npower abeg i dey beg put back my name

  128. Uba Iorsoo Moses says:

    sir,i started checking my name on 20th of november i can’t get my should i keep on or how?

  129. What abait for those that did’nt writ the test? Please

  130. Pls…Wen is the physical verification for npower 2017

  131. Olayinka Aduke says:

    I did not receive message from Npower but I found my BVN congratulating on database.

  132. abdullateef fatimoh says:

    pls where are we going to do the verification,
    can we do it at our local government

  133. I head d list is out but could not access it, what is d way forward pls

  134. Jegede Funke Abiola says:

    I don’t see message at all

  135. mustapha sade says:

    hello I ask question

  136. ISHOLA IBRAHIM says:

    I am a native of Ogun state but I reside in Benue state, my question is this, where would I have my physical verification?

  137. Ajayi samuel olasupo says:

    I check but did not even open all what i saw no march with my bvnp please what went wrong?s only when to check the list all these started is ther any list yet to be out

  138. Ajayi samuel olasupo says:

    What can will do we that did not c our name and message will check with bvn

  139. In Kaduna state, zaria city by area of me 45peoples to applying Npower, all 2peoples to winning of today sturday 25~11~2017 morning by 8:30am

  140. mARTINS BALA BUZU says:

    I thank God for my success at the end. My name was shortlisted

  141. Pls how do you know your physical verification local govt?
    Also, the info on ground is that the physical verification date is between 4th and 14th December; my question is must you be present on 4th or can you choose any date between 4th and 14th Dec. to do your own physical verification? Thanks

  142. IGWE JOHN SUNDAY says:

    Npower please I beg you all in jesus name, release my name, I applied for N-health and wrote the text. please, npower is the only hope I have for the living and am hoping for the next list now, please help. God bless you all.

  143. I S Abdulmujib says:

    what precise date the list will be out?

  144. USOBI Judith ndidi says:

    I have checked , with my bvn and I didn’t see my name nor congratulatory message, God please help me , I need a job 070649035218

  145. USOBI Judith ndidi says:

    Please I need a job

  146. USOBI Judith ndidi says:

    I need a job please help

  147. Pls npower worker ,av check my name several times nothing shows.pls,is there 2nd batch .pls send me message on my phone number09064740064

  148. Aminu m sani Gassol says:

    I Thanks god

  149. Aminu m sani Gassol says:

    I thanks Nigeria , Thanks Baba Buhari ,I Support2019 Sai Baba

  150. Aliyu a. buda says:

    Still my name is not appears on the list how I do sir?

  151. Chinyere Christian says:

    I didn’t see my name why?

  152. Finally, I am.happy my name finally came out. OP kudos to you for the nice work

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