www.portal.npower.gov.ng: Pre-selected List | NPower Shortlisted Candidates

www.portal.npower.gov.ng: Pre-selected List | NPower Shortlisted Candidates

NPower Latest News Update On Physical Verification Exercise 2017/2018

This latest news update is for all npower pre-selected candidates including Npower teach (N-teach), Npower Heath (N-heath), Npower Agro (N-agro), Npower tax (N-tax). This post will also cover npower physical verification dates across the country.

✍🏿Npower is totally free. Kindly report anyone who tries to extort you in exchange for access to the physical verification.
✍🏿The NPower programme does NOT send beneficiaries to preferred places of assignments. Applicants know this.
✍🏿If you reach the Final Selection stage, you will be able to select a device. We think that you focus on scaling the physical verification stage now.
✍🏿Your physical verification will hold at the place of residence inputted during registration.
✍🏿The physical verification process is not for a day only, you can choose a day to partake in the process.
✍🏿Please, there is no state A or B as been circulated.
✍🏿Physical verification exercise will be DELAYED. Communication will be provided shortly.
✍🏿There is no provision for change of resident in npower.

If you have not checked or you checked but didn’t see your name. Click the link below to check now till December 4th, 2017.

Breaking news: NPower verification date has been postponed from December 4th to further notice due to the holiday. Hence, no verification will hold in state’s local government secretariats. Further date will b announced/communicated on this site and npower social media network…

If you were sent an SMS saying you are on the 2016 waiting list please join the Physical Verification Exercise between December 4th -14th.

List of Documents Needed For Physical Verification Exercise
1. Authentic and valid identity card
2. Education Credentials
3. Bank print of your BVN details
4. Residential permit of your Local Government area.
5. Passport photograph
6. NYSC discharge certificate
7. N-power 2017 online print out with your Reference number

For those of you finding it difficult to access the portal, use this link to check your name…

You can check your pre-selection status here 👇👇👇


👉 Dear ​NPower Shortlisted Candidates 2017 APPLICANTS​

The Database will continue to refresh and update itself, continue to check Between now to December 4th 2017.

The ​network​ to which we are connecting may not really be connecting with the live data,

👉Please continue trying and probably it could be ​Network​ issues.

​Do not Give up Too Soon​

How To Check Check NPower Shortlisted Candidates Preselection List 2017 – www.npower.go.ng

To check your name for all candidates…. Click the link below and enter your bvn or phone number….


1. Log on to www.portal.npower.gov.ng

2. Click on “Check Your Preselection Status”

3. In the box type in your Name or Phone Number or email address or Bank Verification Number (BVN)

4. If you have been Preselected, your name will pop up

5. You will receive an SMS or email congratulating you on your preselection.

6. Next you are to prepare for Npower Physical Verification exercise scheduled to hold between November 27th – December 8th, 2017.

To search your name, click here…. http://www.npower.gov.ng/n-power/search

To Check N-Power teach (n-teach) Preselected list, Click here…. http://portal.npower.gov.ng/pre-select-teach.html

To Check N-Power Agro (n-agro) Preselected list, Click here

To Check N-Power teach (n-teach) Preselected list, Click here

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